February 01, 2012


Finally..i just remembered my own blog password and email
After a few months...kekekkee
i will update my blog regularly...hahaha

July 10, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary Running Man

Wow... cannot believe RM is a year old right now. *fireworks*
Thanks for always make us happy with all the episode..

Seriously, RM is the best program ever.. Daebak

The great dancer, YooHyuk, The scariest ever Jongkook, The Jaesuk's sunflower Sukjin, Monday Couple Gary Jihyo, Haroro Haha, Framer Kwangsu, The Brain Joongki and bright girl Lizzy. ^^

p/s: I hope they will sub RM ASAP.. wink2

June 09, 2011

Thanks All :D

I just received my sixth semester exam's result
Guess what, it really unexpected result.!!!
My pointer is not above 3 but for a person like me who always get worse result in the previous three semester, this is the best moment ever.

I would like to thanks to god for giving me a chance to get this good result.
Besides, I would like to thanks my parents for giving a full support for me. They do not give any pressure or me even though I don't get a better result. My father even give me lots of encourage message for me to work harder.
I would like to thanks my Mentor for guiding me till the end. I know he give full of effort to me in order to ensure me to do well in exam.
I also want to thanks my fellow lecturers who involve in the motivation workshop. Thanks for spending your time for the student like us. I really appreciate it
I would like to thank my fellow friend for supporting when I am in trouble. 

Without all of you, I will not gain my strength to face this world. I really appreciate all of this. Really thank you.

June 04, 2011

Running Man - Kim Jong Kook

Now I will continue with another Running Man's cast, one of the leader of team.
Sure we aware of the sound effect "SPARTA" when ever he appeared.
A muscle MC and know want to acknowledges as a cutie "Kookie~". So hilarious.

The most unforgettable moments/infos about him

  •  His two kids, Gary and Haha. The combination of Jongkook and two kids. sometimes, Lizzy also join the collaboration. LOL
  • He is so competitive. If his team mate not doing as he told, he will be super angry. Scary Kookie~
  • When he show his show his ability to sing with microphone attached to dumbbell. 
  • His awareness to oily and junk food. His expression when he need to eat all those food in force. 
  • He has a very quick eyes and pretty fast sense. you will shortened your life if you meet him in a sudden.
  • It's scary when he doing his aegyo. x_x
  • "nae dongsaeng" and "uri hyung" moments. LOLZ
Honestly, if there is two team, where Jaesuk and Jongkook is the leader, I will give my full support to Jaesuk since he is super COMPETITIVE. He also keep scold his team mate. Sorry for Kookjong's fan. But i do support all Running Man Cast. ^^

10 Day Challenge - 9 LOVES

I will continue my challenge.
sorry for not updating this so much, I am quite busy with my industrial training.
Working at office hour, now i know why the worker getting tired easily.

Ok, just stop about that, and let's continue with this 10 days challenge.

About 9 LOVES..!! 
So, for this post, I will talk about which I will consider to be with him ( LOLZ..thinking about this really make me feel great)
I make it into ranking, so let's take a look, THE TOP NINE.. ^^

9. Jaehee

Do you know him? For those who are watching korean drama like "Sassy Girl Chun Hyang" or "One Mom Three Dads" must know him well. He's my first bias. Actually, I love his smile. He also looks like a very easy-going and a funny person.

8. Hoya

Charismatic Hoya. As usual, I like her smile. I feel that he has something that make me love him. Actually, I just get into to know Infinite. And I fell for his charm. I really love his style in "Nothing's Over". His rap also amazed me.

7. Hyun Bin
He's getting famous right now after the successful of "Secret Garden". Actually, I love him after watching "My Lovely Samsoon". Although he act as a bad person, but his personality in this drama nake me fell in love with him. He has nice dimple too.

6. Kibum
I'm sure lots of my close friend will shocked after seeing the way I ranked Kibum. Kibum is the first k-pop idol that become my bias. But after he become MIA in Suju's activity, my love getting disappear, but I will never let him go from my life. I love everything about him, shy, quite, fluent English, EVERYTHING. But the bad things is because of his passion in acting cause I don't get to see him at Super Show. *Sigh*. But if he join the new album, I think, he'll become my first again..

5. Ryeowook
I don't sure when I'm starting to love him. I think, it's because of his hair style. I love his feminine side, it make me feel comfortable. I don't like a competitive guy, so I think he'll gentle to his partner. Plus, he know to cook. From his statement at M'sia Youth Day, he will cook everything that he partner want. SO SWEETT!!

4. Kangho
I think, this is "a love in a first sight". He's new debuted artist as a member of Coed School, and he become my bias after his debut stage. Quite scary right but it is the truth. I think, he has something that I cannot describe. The most I like about him is his eye. He has a beautiful eyes. I hope to see his comeback ASAP. p/s: his tweeted photo really make me want him so much.

Now, we are in the Top Three. Actually, I can't choose which one is the first. I will just tell you the candidate. ^^

Most of all now that he look feminine since he has a pretty look and love pink so much. But why I love him because despite of his look, I think he is a multi-talented person that I ever known. He can do everything, sing, dance, play instrument, martial art, acting, everything he can do. Plus, his aegyo make me fainting. ^^

I think this CN Blue's member has his own charm. He is not talkative like the leader but he also has some x-factor that make me love him so much. He has a pretty good english that can make me proud of him. He also can be a bad boy base on the reality show WGM that i watched. 

He is the real bad boy. Actually, I love his personality. He's easy going, but sometime he can be a shy person. This is the charm of our sexy charisma. He also a very BRIGHT smile. ^^ And he also have his own principle and really hardworking. Love when he smile and when he's bullying the maknae. LOL

Fuuuuuuhhh...basically, I have finish this challenge... I'm so happy right now..

May 31, 2011

Daesung, HIMNAE..!!

his gloomy face really make me cry

I'm sure this news is popular right? About what happened to our happy-go-lucky boy, Daesung.
He was investigate for a motorcycle accident, and unfortunately the motorcyclist is dead
So, we just wait for the investigation either Daesung is fault or not.
So, I hope no one will judges this incident since we still don't know either Daesung is the one that kill the motorcyclist, since the motorcyclist are previously being hit and run.
Dae said that he drove 80km per hour where at that place should be drove at 60km per hour.
The taxi driver, who is the main witness said that Dae do not drive speedily like what Dae have stated, I think maybe Dae is still in shock since the person is dead.

This is some rough idea about what happened in the accident.

pic credit to @alkpop

I hope this investigation will finish soon. A fair investigation...
RIP to this motorcyclist. I wish I can search the one who previously hit and run. He must be in afraid right now after reading all this.

DAE, HIMNAESEYO. Love you always. 
Everybody, please support him.

May 30, 2011

Some word from MALAYSIAN ELF's representative

This is from my followed fanbase
I think I should share this to others

To All International ELF,

On behalf of Malaysian ELF, I really hope that you guys will still support and be with us. We really need your support right now. Those msian artist who talking bad about SUJU totally has no manner. We're Malaysian ELF are fighting with them now. For the sake of SJ, we will do everything just to protect SJ bcos we're their EverLasting Friends (ELF). This issue really make us dissapointed bcos it's not SJ's wrong. The problem is organizer who reserved toilet for SJM. Those artist are not feel satisfied with that and they said, SJ personally request for them to move when they were there. Even if this was true, they don't have the right to bash SJ. One artist also call fans who went to the concert as dog which mean in Malay culture, to call a person as a dog is too rude and no manner at all.
They also said want to make police report. So, we said, just go ahead cos you're just make yourself look like a stupid person. Doesn't you cant think that you're now fighting with teenagers whom you call kids?
I hope my explanation will make you guys clear with the current issue happened in Malaysia.
SJ-M invited by the Govt of Malaysia specially for HARI BELIA because they can attract teenagers from different races to come to the opening ceremony of HARI BELIA and also the concert.
In this regard, I really hope international ELF will continue to support us no matter what happen.


>>Hope you can support all malaysian fan. thanks
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